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As much as I love golf, I have to admit—it’s one of the most frustrating sports out there. A million and one variables are out of your control, and each one can impact your game either positively or negatively. If you’re one of the thousands of people out there hoping to improve their golf game, the following top tips from golf pros should help you.

Use Wind to Your Advantage

If you’re playing a longer hole, you’ll want to use the wind to your advantage. Most golfers believe that to maximize their wind advantage, they need to hit their ball as hard as possible, so the wind carries it further.

Golf professionals tell us that hitting the ball as hard as possible is the non-optimal choice if you’re golfing with the wind. Instead, pro golfers tell us that you should hit the ball more lightly if you’re swinging downwind. Try to focus on solid contact with the ball as opposed to just hitting it hard.

When you’re golfing downwind, hitting the ball hard puts too much backspin on your shot, which will drive the ball higher and shorter. On the other hand, if you hit the ball with a solid swing, your ball will stay lower and carry further with the wind.

Check Your Eyes to Improve Short Game

If your short game is consistently off, the culprit could be your eyesight. It’s no secret that our vision starts to diminish as we age. What might be unknown to most golfers out there is how their slowly-diminishing sight affects their putting.

Golf experts tell us that if you are regularly misjudging your putts, your eyesight might not be as good as you think it is. Some experts suggest that poor eyesight could create an error rate of 25% in your putts, meaning you are judging a 10-foot shot as a 12.5-foot shot.

Getting fitted with a pair of glasses is a great way to cure any depth perception issues you might be dealing with, which will tighten up your game on the putting greens.

Use Your Body to Improve Your Swing

Most guys think the secret to a powerful swing is using their arms. Interestingly, golf professionals tell us that the body provides the power needed for a huge swing.

Instead of locking your arms and wrists when you swing, golf pros advise using the power and energy that comes from your trunk, hips, and legs to direct your swing. Remember—golf is a full-body workout!