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Golf is one of the most popular recreational sports in the United States, with more than 25 million people playing regularly. Golf continues to grow in popularity because it is the one sport that lets you play on the same sacred ground as the pros. Golf’s booming popularity has helped create hundreds of podcasts exclusively dedicated to the sport. These are the four best podcasts about golfing.

The David Feherty Podcast

David Feherty is one of the most famous broadcasters in golf history. His unique ability to combine expert analysis with hilarious jokes is why Feherty is so beloved in the golf community. The podcast is essentially an extension of his excellent broadcasting. In addition to discussing his opinions on the sport, Feherty also regularly interviews professional golfers and celebrities.

No Laying Up

No Laying Up is one of the most popular sports podcasts out right now. The hosts have an uncanny ability to get reserved golfers to open up about their most outrageous moments on the PGA Tour. These fun stories cannot be heard anywhere else. They also are not afraid to discuss difficult, golf-related topics with their guests after the entertaining stories are over. It’s the perfect podcast for golfers with work hard, play hard mentalities.

Fairway Rollin’

Looking for a podcast with relevant, up-to-date news on what’s happening in the world of golf? Fairway Rollin’ just might be for you. Hosted by Joe House and a varied cast of golf personalities, Fairway Rollin’ covers the latest and greatest in professional golf news. 

The Shotgun Start

The Shotgun Start lives up to its name by covering a wide variety of golf topics in a quick manner. The podcast is released early in the morning, so it is a great way to learn about the important golf news of the day on your way to work. Since they cover so many important topics on each podcast, there is always something to satisfy every golf fan. It is also one of the few podcasts that discuss the amateur game in detail regularly.